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Teaching Executives

    Teaching Executives

    The teaching staff of our school comprises of expert Facilitators, Foreign Faculty members and other Teaching Executives of our school. The Teaching staff works in proper coordination with a dedication to deliver the best of results. The school has 1:30 Faculty-Student ratio and we ensure to provide effective Personal Training and Sessions to the students thereby motivating them to utilize the best of their potential.


    From the Desk of Vice-Principal

    Dear Students and Parents

    Welcome to the Delhi Public School Sonepat family! Over the past few decades, the world has undergone a sea change. In today’s dynamic world, technology has touched almost every aspect of our lives in one way or the other, but we can’t deny the fact that it has also resulted into the loss of human to human interaction. That much needed human touch has become increasingly scarce. This most certainly requires a different kind of teaching and learning, especially the one that aims at developing the students’ love for learning while acquiring essential life skills. The ideology of Delhi Public School Sonepat, emphasizes on teaching our children how to live well rather than teaching them how to make a good living.

    We aim to provide an environment that encourages each child to explore the numerous possibilities open to him without the fear of failure or the fear of being judged. We empower our students to understand the difference between right and wrong and nurture in them the courage to learn from their mistakes, and resilience in the face of adversity. The emphasis is on sharpening their social, emotional, and academic skills, and instilling in them the ability to think globally.

    At Delhi Public School Sonepat we have adopted practices which enable our students to become strategic thinkers, and  solution-oriented, inspired learners prepared to thrive in the twenty-first century. These practices bring them closer to nature and help them to learn to prioritize the needs of others over their own needs.We teach them to accept everyone for who they are without any prejudices and keep an open mind to diverse points of view.

    I once again welcome you all on this journey to shape and mould these young minds that hold the key to our future where human values and ethics take precedence over everything else.

    Prachi Sharma

    From the Desk of Head Mistress

    The session 2019-2020 opens with a very comprehensive and coordinated approach to leaning and conductive environment for Boarders.

    Delhi Public School, Sonepat Boarding life teaches boarders ‘WAY OF LIFE’ and this journey is guided by teachers, parents and mentors. We need to foster a fair, inclusive and dynamic school and boarding culture. This boarding culture built when students learn to discipline themselves and keep all etiquettes in place. Right from donning uniform in the morning to reach the school on time, to attending classes, to peer time at break, to interaction with one another, should reflect discipline and right code of conduct.

    We believe that under the right condition, our children can achieve extraordinary things. We provide the best and expect our boarders to follow the rules and regulations. Kindly create a sense of belonging and involvement in all the right activities during their schooling.

    I trust that Parental cooperation and regular communication is essential to help the children blossom and bloom. Mutual benefits will accrue only when there is a meaningful exchange of information between home and school.

    This year will truly be one of fresh visions and mighty break through as we work together as a family to soar to greater heights.

    .Puja Gupta


    From the Desk of Senior School Coordinator

    The youth of today needs to be ready for a global stage. To make education a complete experience. We at Delhi Public School, Sonepat encourage our children to take up the responsibility and become the catalysts of change. Imparting the values enshrined in our motto, ?Service Before Self? the school aims to instill a progressive mind-set and nurture leaders of tomorrow, who will succeed in whatever they turn their hand to, anywhere in the world, and yet retain the sound moral values. Our endeavour, therefore, is to create an environment that facilitates learning which not only promotes intellectual growth but also provides them with the tools they need to become critical thinkers, inspired learners and path-breaking innovators.

    Gunjan Chopra

    From the Desk of Human Resource Manager

    "As the session progresses, I would like to emphasize the relevance of hard work and confidence to all the students. These are two infallible tools that never disappoint anyone. With a reasonable amount of self-discipline and diligence towards a preset goal you surely will win. We are there to offer you all that you seek from a favorable environment to pursue what you set out for.

    We hope that we provide you with the memorable schooling that will help you to carve a niche for yourself in all the future endeavors.

    Pooja Sunit Chawla

    From the Desk of Middle & Secondary School Coordinator

    At the very onset of this term, realize your potential that you are all are worthy and special in your own way. Each one of you is uniquely talented, something that you can do like no one else can. So, I insist that you explore into the treasure of abilities you've been bestowed upon, diving deep and discover the invaluable hidden gem in you. Rest assured that you will receive all the paraphernalia, affectionate guidance, and support that you need to grow into an unrepeatable resource to everyone. The greatest joy a teacher can reap comes from watching her students blossom into good humans that have the skill and will to make this world more livable and peaceful. So, Give your ambitions wings! Good luck!!

    Ekta Malhotra

    From the Desk of Junior School Coordinator

    Delhi Public Schools have a vast legacy of authentic learning, inquiry-based teaching experiences and revolutionized education as per the international standards. We deeply value the ethos that respects openness, inclusiveness, and diversity by creating the right environment for a vibrant culture of knowledge. We at Delhi Public School, Sonepat, aspire to grow and evolve, adding meaning to the lives that we touch. As the teaching executives of the school, we deliver the passion of service in the hearts of our students and truly live up to our motto of ?Service Before Self?.

    Surbhi Menroy

    From the Desk of Junior School Coordinator

    Delhi Public School Sonepat is a visible manifestation of DPS Society’s vision “Service Before Self’. The Education imparted here is for life and not merely to earn a living. Today, we all talk about the holistic development of a child, but it can only be possible in an environment that encourages the development of the student’s mind, body, and soul. This is what, we call ‘An Organic Environment.’ To facilitate this, along with regular teaching, we organize numerous academic and non-academic activities, events, workshops, and state and national level competitions on a regular basis. The framed curriculum not only imparts knowledge through various hands-on experiences but instills a feeling of belongingness towards the fellow students, school, family, society and the Country.

    As a coordinator, the purpose of Education is to shape the children into self-Disciplined, Self- Reliant and Self-Motivated youths thereby moulding them into inspiring future leaders.

    Aanchal Jetly