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Boarding Life

    Residential facilities are based on the principle of
    "Home Away from Home". Efforts are made to provide an atmosphere where the young minds grow, rather than pamper them with luxury. The school houses students both from India and abroad which lends a truly global flavor to the school.
    The school has a full-fledged pastoral block. Each child comes under the care and guidance of a house parent. Children live in purpose-built air-conditioned accommodations, sharing three to four in a room for students of class 6 to 12. The students of class 3 to 5 may reside in a fully furnished and air conditioned dormitory housing 8 to 10 students. Care is being taken to provide them with entertainment facilities to offer them a relaxing atmosphere.

    The school houses students both from India and abroad which lends a truly global flavor to the school and provides diversity in the environment and learning. We are extremely proud that children from South Korea, Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal, China and North East of India are part of our school.



    The school boarding house has a kitchen, which serves menu of mixed vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Continental and Chinese/Korean/Thai food is also served to satisfy the taste bud and also to open the students to multi-cuisine spreads. Teachers on duty at the dining hall guide students about table etiquette and manners. Special food as per the doctor's advice is provided to ailing students.


    The school has well equipped, air-conditioned 8 bedded Infirmary. The infirmary is looked after the resident Doctor and qualified Staff Nurse. Care is taken to provide good and timely medical facility to the students. A health check-up is conducted each term. The infirmary in the school is equipped to deal with minor sickness/illness. Qualified Doctor and the trained nurse is appointed full time to look after the children. The doctor carries out health and dental check ups at regular intervals of the students.Records of individual growth parameters like height, weight, etc. are regularly communicated to parents. In case of hospitalization the bills are remitted to the parents. For any sickness, if the school has to consult a specialized doctor beyond its school doctors, the parents will be informed. The parents have to submit a medical certificate and also inform the school infirmary of any medication the child was under at the time of admission or when the student reports to school after the vacation. A sick child should not be sent to the school.


    The boarding house is well equipped with its own lounge, study hall, sick bay and indoor recreational centre. The tutorial centre is there to provide academic support program for weak and gifted students. A major thrust will be to empower students to undertake teacher assisted independent learning habits. The school follows afternoon and late evening prep for the boarders to ensure that follow up of studies is done past the school timing. The boarders undergo guided prep for one and a half hours in the afternoon where the teacher present provides academic support in the specified subject. The evening/night prep is independent learning modules. The prep schedule is always put on the website and login for reference. The students of class 11 and 12 may opt for special week end classes for extra help.


    The school laundry house is monitored by the warden along with the house keepers. The boarders follow the laundry schedule .Laundry of class 111-V is handled by the house keepers and the seniors boarders are expected to throw the clothes for wash as per the schedule. The barber is provided once every month .The parents must ensure that the student reports back to the school after the vacation in proper hair cut. Boys are not allowed to have long hairs.


    The parents are allowed to call their wards at the specified time .Phone calls beyond the specified time are not put through to their wards. Parents may go through the timings put on the website. Boarders are allowed to send E-Mail once every fortnight. However a fresher is denied this for the first month after they are admitted. Even phone calls are barred for the newcomer boarders for the first initial month. The new admitted boarders/day scholars are referred as FRESHERS. No permission is granted on the phone. The parents are requested to seek any permission or request via the fax or the scanned appilication via E-Mail. Each parent is given a LOGIN ID and a PASSWORD which ensures the parent a direct access to their ward's academic performance. It also gives the parents an opportunity to send their queries to any teacher via the LOGIN. The students academic evaluation is put on the LOGIN regularly.


    The annual schedule on the website gives the detail of the holidays/vacations. The parents must ensure to send their ward back on time to the school. Any delay should be notified to the warden/school authority well on time. Students are allowed to stay in the boarding house for all the vacation except the summer vacation. Parents may inform the school authority to avail the school transport for their pick up and drop facility to few authorized points before and after the vacation. The school transport facility may be availed only for the authorized vacations. The school arranges the Airport pick up and drop facility. The students are authorized outing once a month. The parents are allowed to take their wards out or meet them on these outings.


    First Sunday of each month is reserved for the birthday celebration for the boarders whose birthday falls in that month. The warden organizes the celebration to make it a moment of treasure.