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Clubs and Other Recreational Activities

Co-curricular Activities at our campus consists of activities or experiences carried on within leisure, usually chosen voluntarily by the student. We analyze the effect of recreations in educational curriculum, and how it is important to know the impacts and necessity of recreations in a student’s life as a whole.

We have various clubs and other recreational activities which engage students completely and helps students to socialize and become less dependent on one’s parents.

Cybernetics Club

The Cybernetics club is an initiative of the school to promote and propagate the new trends in the IT World among the techno-savvy students. The objectives of the Cybernetics Club are to widen the perspectives of our students pertaining to the upcoming technologies and allow them to get hands-on experiences with new programming languages and software. This club inculcates an atmosphere that enables the students who are interested in computer software learning and computer programming to share their ideas, knowledge and proficiency with other like-minded students. Students meet to discuss emerging topics in the field of computing, gain experience with hardware and software and explore computer-related technology. Members get to expand their horizons by learning different multimedia skills using existing software, such as Python, C++, Java, PHE, ASP, Java Script, CSS, Adobe Flash, Game Maker, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and 3D modeling software, and constantly trying out new programs.

Photography Club

The Photography Club is another innovative initiative of our school which provides students with a supportive and collaborative environment for photography so that they can collectively share their creativity, knowledge, and passion for photography.

The club not only holds regular meetings and discussions and organize events such as; candid photo-walks, educational excursions, museum and gallery visits, social outreach programmes and lectures and workshops etc. but also explores the opportunities for photography projects in other institutions and departments.

The Photography club In charge every week chooses the ‘Photograph of the Week’ which is featured in the school’s newsletter and other digital platforms. The club offers a range of exciting and valuable learning experiences to the students and appreciates their creativity.

Eco Sensitivity and Social Awareness Club(ESSA)

Eco-sensitivity and Social Awareness clubs are especially formulated at the school to sensitize students about the various environmental, social and global issues. Eco-sensitivity is the major ethos of our school and we have various clubs like Paper Recycling, Cheeni Kam Cheeni Band (CKCB), Vermicomposting and Organic Farming under this initiative

Paper Recycling

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that some one will save it” As we at Delhi Public School, Sonepat believe in Organic Learning to prepare the future generation for a more sustainable world. Paper recycling is a project taken up by class VII students. The students collect waste paper from the school and the take it for reprocessing. We have a well-equipped paper recycling unit where paper is reprocessed into pulp and recycled into sheets of paper. This paper is used for art work, to make certificates, print cards etc. This is a way of showing the world that we are doing our bit!

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a motivated initiative of our school to pass on the baton of sustainable living to the future generation. We have incentivized organic farming in our curriculum to keep students engaged and make it a viable learning experience.

The students are encouraged to participate in farming and other gardening projects which help them connect with nature and with one another thereby providing them an invaluable lesson of sustainable living, environmental respect and interest in outdoor activities. The produce of the organic farming is consumed in the school’s cafeteria ‘ Café Eatopia  to provide healthy and nutritious diet to the students.


The Vermicomposting project at Delhi Public School Sonepat is a huge step to empower children towards the very important eco-sensitive issue of waste management. Vermicomposting is the most eco-friendly recycling process to reduce organic waste and it is promoted in our school by students of Class VIII. Organic kitchen waste from the school cafeteria is segregated and added to the vermicomposting pit, where it is converted into manure with very high nutritional content with the help of red wriggler worms. This vermicompost is used for organic farming in our school. The students are also encouraged to carry out this process in their homes to make organic manure for their kitchen gardens. The students learn about the environmental hazards of organic waste dumping in our landfills and also about the benefits of vermicomposting to our environment.

Cheeni Kam Cheeni Band

‘Cheeni Kam Cheeni Band’ is another eco sensitive project at our school. The main aim of this Project is to bring awareness among the students and the parents about the harmful effects of consuming sugar for a long time. Sugar is a generic name for sweet. It is used as a sweetening agent in various food items and beverages. However, this sugar is treated with various chemicals which is harmful for our body in the long run. Not only this sugar producing factories create a lot of pollution which is deteriorating our environment. The bagasse left after extracting the juice from the sugarcanes are thrown into the rivers which results in polluting our rivers. Keeping in mind the various factors that effect our health and our environment, the Project is taken up by the students of Class VI where they perform various activities to spread awareness about the same. It is also triggered in the lives of the parents of our young generation leaders where they work as the ambassadors to carry forward the war against the white poison.