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The Artem Gallery

Our school has a very accomplished Art Gallery which has been established with an explicit educational purpose.The Art Gallery popular by the name "ARTEM GALLERY" is widely appreciated across and has tended to appeal to the students who like to absorb information from the visual artifacts.

We do believe that art showcases the perspective of a particular artist. In some pieces, the art may be more realistic; however, in other pieces, the artwork may be more symbolic in nature.

Hence with such diversity in art, the school also arranges Art exhibits in a variety of different ways, so that the galleries can be understood and enjoyed by everyone. We often recognize the emerging talent of our young artists through our school’s art gallery and promote this talent to the public at large.

The gallery also offers one- or two-hour sessions for groups of up to 20 students of different grades with the aim of developing students' confidence in understanding and interpreting contemporary art.

The gallery also offers a ' Professional Development Programme' for teachers so that the teachers can also learn to get the best out of the gallery for their students.

Our Pro-Vice Chairperson who herself is a great connoisseur of art believes that inclusion of art in teaching is a much more intuitive approach to learning. This is not a wonderful way of letting the students know that learning can be fun but also promotes a more methodological form of education.

Each year the school celebrates an Artem Festival which showcases the best of work of our aspiring future artists based on the theme of various social and humanitarian issues. Â A broad spectrum of various artistic works created by our students can be accessed over here.
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