Delhi Public School, Sonepat
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School Morning Assembly

"Each morning we are born again,What we do today is what matters the most.."

School assemblies serve as powerful motivators for the entire school. The beginning of a school day can become chaotic and this is where our morning assembly serve an important purpose. By assembling students and teachers in one space before the start of the school day, morning assembly is a powerful way to instill discipline and also to set a joyful and focused tone for the day. We convey a lot of information including assigning duties to the monitors and prefects and also utilize the assembly to talk about topics such as cleanliness and good manners which need to be reinforced everyday.

At DPS we have discontinued daily morning assemblies, opting instead for a grand assembly once a week(Monday). We use our Monday assemblies very effectively to share important information, stage students' performances, and to give out certificates. We also sing the school anthem every Monday. We have assemblies on special days too, such as 'Independence Day' or 'Earth Day'.

These well planned assemblies contribute greatly to the community culture of our school and pass on positive values. They provide a foundation of understanding for the community, in which students can better understand the "big picture" of their learning and school life. By being in assembly together, it immediately becomes something that everyone shares and identifies with, fostering greater solidarity.

A regular habit of sharing builds in all of us a history of shared experiences. This is what a shared culture comprises. It is in this forum that the expectations for behavior and character are emphasized. Here is where we celebrate our achievements.